Back on plan, on my way to goal weight (again)

Here I am at a “vegetarian” Mexican restaurant called La Buena Tierra. The information we read on the restaurant claimed it was vegetarian. But Curt had fish and I had chicken. Does vegetarian in Mexico City mean no red meat?

Right before Curt and I headed to Mexico City I weighed in super close to my goal weight. Like ounces away.
My hard work is paying off.
Like I said I would, while in Mexico City I ate and drank what I wanted. I had a lot of amazing food and beer and margaritas.
We did a lot of walking. So that usually helps when on vacation to keep the weight gain minimal.
And it was minimal. I am just a pound away from my goal weight. Easy peasy!
We flew back Saturday evening. Sunday morning I was attending my regular Vinyasa yoga class with Ashley.
And today I got back on plan and am tracking my food again.
And I also went to my now regular evening body conditioning class at the gym, while meeting up with my friend Monica.
While in Mexico I was careful with what I ate and drank. I avoided most fresh fruits and vegetables. I always drank bottled water. I used bottled water even when I brushed my teeth.
It was a bummer to avoid fresh fruits and veggies. But I had to be careful. And that paid off. I didn’t get sick.