Are you eating healthy this weekend?

On Saturday we got Homeroom take away as they were pretty busy: Top and to the right: Trailer Park Mac; Spicy Mac; and Gilroy Mac with broccoli.

Anyone who has been on Weight Watchers, any sort of diet and/or healthy lifestyle may have someone ask them, are you eating healthy right now? Are you on plan? Are you off plan?
I usually hear one of those questions before going out to eat at a restaurant. I can almost always find a decently healthy thing or two on the menu to eat.
And sometimes I decide to indulge and eat whatever I want.
We had a friend visiting over the weekend who is also on WW. So at some point I asked, are you eating healthy this weekend?
She decided to enjoy her food and booze.
At the point I asked her I hadn’t decided yet my plan for the weekend. But by the multiple beers ordered at McNally’s, the Mac & Cheese for dinner … I answered my own question.
Neither of us went too crazy. But we enjoyed ourselves. But we also made sure to get some exercise in: spin on Saturday and yoga on Sunday.
AND I still lost a tiny bit of weight. I am on my way to hitting my goal weight … very soon.
And yesterday I was back on plan.
As the work year starts to near the end of 2012, yes, it is time to prep for year end already, it gets tougher to stay on a healthy path. With long hours and extra work it is easy to skip the gym or yoga class or grab something unhealthy to eat, especially since I am a stress eater.
Work has been pretty busy lately even without end of the year stuff and I have stayed on track with exercise and nutritional intake. That hasn’t been the case in the past. I easily slip into bad habits. But I am really focused and determined. Other things in my life suffer or end up on the back burner, like household chores and this blog.
I think taking breaks if just fine as long as they aren’t too often and you get “back at it” when you say you will.