Yoga subs can be a real treat

I could have used a little bit of an adjustment on my back arm. It should be even with front arm while in Warrior II.

Have I told you lately how much I love and enjoy practicing yoga?
Last night Vickie’s class had a sub, Sadie. Sadie is a regular Saturday teacher at the studio–but I hadn’t had the privilege of taking her class … until last night.
One of the best things about a sub is that you get to practice with a different teacher and a different style. And I usually learn something new.
Sadie is spunky, fun, funny, has a great energy and just made class really enjoyable.
Here’s something I find interesting … she doesn’t know sanskrit … and she has a normal body. Now I strive to have a “yoga body,” which will likely never happen. But it is always refreshing seeing a yoga teacher or gym instructor more like the rest of us.
Sadie loves to make adjustments and gets her yoginis deeper into a pose. Oh man, I absolutely love that.
If I didn’t regularly take spin on Saturday mornings I would try to adjust my exercise schedule to take Sadie’s class. And I love my spin class and my spin friends … so ditching won’t be happening.
On Sunday I took my friend Jen–who was in town for a visit–to Vickie’s Sunday morning class. I wanted to introduce her to Vickie and Vickie’s practice. But she was out of town.
But I did get to introduce her to Aviva and her practice.
I love Aviva’s style. I occasionally take her noon Friday class.
Jen mentioned that she liked the way Aviva explained things during class. Aviva takes the time to remind you how your body and its parts should be positioned–even just while standing in Mountain Pose.
I know some regulars get into a habit of only going to their regular and favorite teachers. I  do as well. But I rarely will ditch the class just because there is a sub (unlike high school).
I didn’t know Aviva was the sub on Sunday, so that was a treat and a nice surprise. And Sadie, wow, I had a great time AND my back was no longer achy after class.
The teachers I regularly practice with I do because I like their personality, style and own practice. But I also love trying out new teachers and styles–sometimes I like them and sometimes I don’t. I have to say my yoga studio, Namaste, has some amazing and versatile teachers.
Branch out with your yoga once in a while. You may learn something about yourself, your practice and something amazing will probably happen.