Dealing with that pesky time change

Tomorrow morning at 2 a.m. it will be time to Fall Back (unless you are in Arizona and a few other parts of North America).

Ugh, I seriously hate time change.
Most places in North America will Fall Back tomorrow at 2 a.m. Most areas of the world have already Fallen Back.
You can see the whole schedule here.
My body just doesn’t do well whether we lose an hour or gain an hour.
I wrote about Springing Forward in March.
If I have time tomorrow I would like to take the 6 p.m. Restorative Yoga class. I think that will really help me sleep better tomorrow night. (My schedule is gonna be a little tight tomorrow so I hope to make it to Restorative Yoga–if not, maybe I can practice on my own–take my own tips below.)
Sometimes the Restorative yoga teacher gives us tips if we are having trouble sleeping. A good stretch while lying on your back: Spread your arms and hands and your feet and yours legs and then let go.
My advise to all who need some extra help tomorrow morning:

  • Don’t go to bed too late tonight.
  • Make sure you have breakfast tomorrow.
  • Try not to eat a lot of crap. Stick to fruits and veggies as snacks instead of sugary or salty foods.
  • Drink lots of water tomorrow (but also today and always).
  • Exercise. (I will be going to a yoga class tomorrow morning) Even going for a walk will be helpful.
  • Keep up the exercise throughout the week, especially on Monday. It will be tough, but well worth it.
  • If you do nap tomorrow (I love my weekend naps), don’t nap too late.
  • If caffeine really affects you (doesn’t really for me) maybe cut back tomorrow and definitely don’t have it too late in the day.
  • Try to start winding your day down an hour before you go to bed. If you normally go to bed around 10, then at 9 make sure you are done for the day and ready for Monday’s workday. Do something relaxing for that hour: read a book, knit, lounge. Even practice a Restorative Yoga pose or two. A few poses I like are: Legs Up the Wall; Supportive Child’s Pose; Supported Twist; Instant Maui; and Savasana are just a few you can do. Hold these poses for at least 10 minutes each. This video shows some poses.