Once again … back to healthy living


Closing ceremony of the international trademark conference I attended included karaoke, networking, food, fun and, of course, beer.

After more than a week traveling for work and fun I got back home last night.
And today is the day I got back to my normal and healthy lifestyle.
I was in Texas. First Dallas and then Austin.
Dallas was for work and I thought I would add Austin to the end of my trip and see the city for the first time and hang with my cousin Alex.
Yes, I ate a lot of meat and drank a lot of beer.
And according to my father-in-law I just might be turning into a redneck. Beer, steaks and moonshine all in one week?
I also hung out with my friend Regina and her fiancé and son one day. Texas martini, anyone?
I worked from home today to ease back into life.
Because my friend Monica is still out of commission from the gym for a bit and I had calls throughout the day, which meant  couldn’t attend the Monday noon class I have been wanting to try, I decided to take Baxter’s Monday night Hatha Yoga class instead of the usual evening body conditioning class.


At one of the many receptions I attended I had my pic taken in a hat with the Dallas skyline in the background.

It was a great way to ease back into my exercise routine this week. I normally take Baxter’s class on Wednesdays. So now I am really looking forward to his class on Wednesday.
It’s amazing what you can do with a sand bag in a yoga class. (I am used to using them for Restorative Yoga.) Using extra weight makes poses deeper, dare I say better and in some poses ahhhh, so relaxing. Like Child’s Pose with a sand bag on the back.
And once again today I got back to monitoring my food intake and made better food choices. Though I do have to say that was quite a challenge. (I have already had my healthy, protein-filled dinner and yet I really want to snack on something.)
I feel the need to detox a little from all that meat I ate last week. Man it was good. But I don’t normally eat that much beef and pork in a month (or, frankly, for months) in what I ate in a week.
And I am afraid to admit how much beer I drank along with a little wine, margaritas and moonshine mixed in.
It’s always OK to enjoy life and take time off of the healthy lifestyle. Just as long as there is a plan to get back to it within a reasonable amount of time.
Here’s to good food, good water intake and good exercise.