7 minutes turns into 45

on computer

I brought up the article with the exercise routine (easy to follow) on the computer and plugged in my earbuds and worked hard and got sweaty.

The exercise challenge in this month’s Monthly Challenge is to try out The Scientific 7-Minute Workout.
The timing of the routine itself I don’t agree with. But with some modifications I think it is a good and legit exercise routine.
My recommendation is to do each exercise for a minute instead of the 30 seconds the article states. And I also think to make it a good exercise routine is to do the routine three times instead of just once.
I finally had a chance to try out the routine on Thursday night.
I performed each exercise for a minute and I did the routine three times. It came out to about a 45-minute exercise routine. It was tough and sweaty and definitely a full workout. I was sore the next day.
Because I was using my phone for music and it was attached to my arm I didn’t have exact time on each exercise. So I just counted.
The original article states that between each exercise a rest should be done. I don’t think you need to rest between each one. But when you need to take a little break you should. I know I did, which is why my routine wasn’t 36 minutes but 45. (Also I am sure my counting wasn’t exact.) You also don’t want to take too long of a break. Just a moment to catch your breath and/or drink some water and/or to wipe the sweat off and then you are back at it.
This Outside article also agreed that the routine needed to last longer than seven minutes. But it also took issues with the rest intervals. Dr. Michael J. Joyner, a physician-researcher at the Mayo Clinic said resting less may help you recover more … by staying active, you maintain blood flow to your muscles, allowing your body to metabolize lactic acid into fuel, helping to provide a source of energy for your next sprint.
The great things about this exercise routine is that it can be done at home, which is what I did. There is one exercise that asks you to stand up on a chair. We don’t have chair that you can stand on (think antiques). So I just used the steps outside.
I recommend this exercise routine if done how I described: each exercise done for a minute each and the full routine done at least three times for an occasional routine or break in your regular exercise routine.