Back to healthy, clean living

side salad

I made this quick side salad for dinner tonight.

Oh man. I feel like I have been writing these posts too often lately.
I have been allowing myself to get out of my routine way too much recently.
Yup, I usually have a good reason or “excuse.”
And we all fall off the wagon and experience life.
And sometimes I give myself permission to get “off plan.”
Today I told myself that I had to get back to my routine, which includes healthy eating and exercise.
Last week I had plenty of excuses to do neither. Such as the BART strike, hectic and busy time at work, which also included staying later than normal.
In a little less than four weeks I am going on a beach vacation, where I plan to pig out and drink a lot.
But I would like to start out the vacation back to my healthy self, enjoy my week and get right back into a healthy living routine.
The BART strike is over (at least for 30 days), work is still busy and hectic. But today I got back to healthy eating.
I stayed at work later than normal tonight, which meant I missed my regular 5:30 p.m. body conditioning class.
But I really needed to get in some exercise, especially cardio. I did 30 minutes on the stair climber.
Day 1 of healthy living down, many more to go. Today was a good start.