Back to my routine

lunch bag

My lunch and snacks were packed for work today.

From my posts last week you know that I was on vacation. I had a great, amazing and relaxing time with The Husband in the Caribbean.
The water on Turks and Caicos was absolutely a beautiful, gorgeous turquoise.
I lounged a lot, slept in a lot, got some sun. I also ingested a lot of calories at the daily buffet and the free-flowing bar.
I rarely exercised, which I am OK with as well.
Even though I love traveling and lounging and enjoying myself there is always a part of me that is ready to get back to life, to my routine, to healthy living.
Sunday I did take a Hatha yoga class. But really yesterday, the regular healthy routine started up again.
I took yesterday off to be able to give myself an extra day, plus it gives me time to go through the mail, pay bills, run errands, hit the grocery, etc.
I took a noon spin class, which I normally can’t take.
I stocked up the fridge with fresh and healthy groceries.
I also did a little cooking yesterday in preparation for my week.
And for today, I packed my lunch and snacks for the day and headed back to work. And tonight I hit my regular Tuesday night Hatha yoga class.