Review Wednesday: Be More Yogic

Be More Yogic is a website, which offers yoga video classes for all levels and styles, to use online. The videos are compatible on the iPhone, iPad, Macbooks, Apple TV, Android, tablets, PCs, laptops and HD TVs.

Warrior 2

Warrior 2 is one of the poses I practiced during the Ocean Flow practice on Be More Yogic yoga video.

You can sign up for a free trial, which according to the site, lasts as long as you want.
The site offers three teachers; various levels; about 50 videos, videos from 5 minutes to almost 120 minutes; a variety of yoga styles, such as Vinyasa, Yin, meditation, Ashtanga, breathing, etc.
Short tutorials and breakdowns on poses are also offered. There’s even yoga for runners and desk yoga. The site also offers a blog and a bio on each teacher.
There were no full free practices. But the free videos give you a good idea of the site, such as guided meditation, instruction on a few poses and yoga tips for flights.
To use the free classes you have to sign up as a member. But all you have to do is give first and last name, e-mail address and create a password. After that you are good to go.
The site describes Be More Yogic as an online Yoga Community offering yoga video classes allowing you to practice yoga whenever and wherever. Be More Yogic brings the Yoga Community together to share ideas, thoughts and pearls of wisdom.
A full membership, whether for a year or on a monthly basis, gives access to about 50 videos.
The teachers are clear and easy to understand with their instructions. The teachers explain what they are doing while they are doing it. Modifications are mentioned as well as to remind the practitioner that if you can’t do a pose then you shouldn’t do it.
While the teacher is practicing she is also explaining and giving a good description of what she is doing and how you can modify.
I was impressed with the downward facing dog breakdown. There were a whole 5 minutes dedicated to explaining and demonstrating.
One of my favorite videos was the Morning Flow–Vinyasa Based Sequence. It was about 25 minutes, which is a realistic and reasonable amount of time for a morning practice. Marisa’s practice is gorgeous as she does each pose while describing in detail what she is doing and where each body part should be placed. You can see her make her own adjustments.
Last night I had planned to attend my regular Hatha yoga class but there was an accident on the way home and traffic kept me from getting to class on time. I decided to actually do one of the practices rather than just watch it. I decided to try the hour-long Ocean Flow Vinyasa practice.
It was a good and tough practice, exactly what I was looking for. The instructions were clear enough that even if I wasn’t looking directly at my laptop I could follow along. I did get lost a time or two. But that happens to me in any yoga class.
Each video has a short description, lists the teacher, style of yoga, length of time and the level of the practice. A cool feature is the information on where the video was shot, such as Salernes, France or Nungwi, Zanzibar. The background scenery in the videos is natural and beautiful. You can even hear an occasional noise from a bird or other animal.
Earlier this year I reviewed the YogaGlo website after a friend asked if I could recommend yoga videos for someone with limited resources.
Nothing beats an actual class at a yoga studio. But this is a great addition to a regular yoga practice. Also a great thing for those with limited resources.
If you have 5 minutes for a practice, 30 minutes, an hour or more there are options for you. Most levels and yoga practices are catered to.
A few things I noted: There was a tutorial on Scorpion Pose, which was under the beginner section. I wouldn’t consider that pose a beginner pose as Be More Yogic says.
During the Morning Flow, also a beginner video, Tripod Headstand was practiced. I don’t consider that a beginner pose and felt it should at least be mentioned that beginners should use caution and common sense. (I have seen many beginner students throw themselves into a pose when their bodies and minds are not ready for it.)
*\**UPDATE***Be More Yogic listened to my concerns and have updated Scorpion Pose and the Morning Flow to intermediate.
Videos for advanced are listed, but none appear when I click on advanced. Only one Restorative video is available right now, which I was disappointed with.
Normally a monthly fee is $15 a month, which is quite reasonable. But if you sign up for a membership in August (you have a few days left) you get the first three months for $4.99. Why not try it out for a month for 5 bucks? (After the first three months the price goes to $15.)
For a full year membership the cost is $135 (which breaks down to $11.25 a month). Great deal considering where I live a drop-in class is about $18.
I recommend the Be More Yogic videos for someone with limited resources, whether it be money, time or both; someone who wants a home practice; someone who wants a studio (or gym) practice along with a home practice; someone who needs a little more instruction with their home practice.


Be More Yogic yoga video classes are well-done, easy to follow and offer a variety of practices. Be More Yogic videos get 4 1/2 dumbbells out of 5.