Gym yoga teacher sub gig


Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Big Toe Pose) is one of the poses I taught last night.

Last night I taught my third yoga class, but my first gym yoga sub gig.
A friend of mine who I work with and lives in Alameda helped me get this sub gig. (She is also a yoga teacher.) She knew Alameda Athletic Club was going to need a yoga sub when the regular yoga teacher went on maternity leave.
A few weeks ago I attended the regular yoga teacher’s Thursday night class to get an idea of her style and meet her. After class she mentioned to me that she was going on vacation at the end of August and thought maybe I could sub those classes.
So she’s on vacation and I have three more classes of hers to teach.
In preparation for my four classes I have worked on four sequences to teach knowing that there are limited props at the gym.
Last night was a little chaotic as I had trouble finding someone who could tell me where the key was for the props locker and I started to feel unprepared for my class.
But I started the class in a seated meditation and I took the time to breathe and find my own calm to teach the class.
It was really warm last night, which meant I cut a few things out of my sequence, which meant I had extra time at the end of class. Eeeekkk! I had to improvise. But I had my list of “back pocket” poses to throw in at the end and all was fine.
I had eight students with one leaving about 45 minutes in. Who knows why he left. Maybe he had somewhere to be, he was tired or he just didn’t like the class. This is something I will have to get used to.
My students seemed to respond well to me and many told me they enjoyed the class. One even told me I would likely see her Tuesday night.
Once the regular yoga teacher goes on maternity leave I will be teaching her Sunday morning, and Tuesday and Thursday night classes for two to three months.
To keep up with where I am teaching/subbing I have a My Yoga Classes tab on Go Fit Girl! for easy access to information on yoga classes taught by me. I update this regularly. Check it out.