Undoing with new chapter

Life is a balancing act … believe in yourself …

Leap and the net will appear.

Happy wife … happy life.


My mom insisted I have a drink on my last day of work to celebrate. So I did it because she said so.

Today is the first day of what I am referring to as FUNemployment.
I quit my job of nine years and yesterday was my last day in the corporate world.
(The top two lines come from cards I have recently received from loved ones. The third line I probably stole from, oh dear god do I dare say, Dr. Phil.)
Today I started a new chapter and I am “undoing.”
In my yoga class last night our theme was about undoing. It seemed so appropriate for me and this new … adventure I am taking on.
Baxter has his students┬áset an intention at the beginning of each yoga class. I love setting an intention. (I have written about it a few times. Here’s one of my past posts.)
Last night I set it for myself and reminded myself of the undoing I need to do for myself and be OK with it and to embark on this new chapter.
I’ve been called brave, gutsy, courageous … I’ve been told I am doing the right thing. I haven’t had one friend, co-worker, family member tell me I shouldn’t do it. I have had so much support it’s been amazing.
Starting tomorrow I am getting myself into a routine. I have many things I want to do on the blog, my computer, attacking my e-mail inbox (UGH!), getting stuff done around the house, hustling some more yoga subbing gigs, etc.
But really, I want to take care of me. I feel best when I am in a healthy routine. I can keep up with my yoga classes, hit the gym much more often, reestablish my home yoga practice, carry so much less stress and start back with the healthy eating and less drinking.
I want to get back to a healthier Ann. I need and want that so badly right now.