Being a gym yoga teacher sub

AAC sub

One of my many mats, a yoga block and my written out sequence, partially covered as you gotta pay for that stuff now. 🙂

At the end of October I will be taking over yoga classes at a gym in Alameda where the regular teacher will be going on maternity leave.
She recently went on vacation, which gave me an opportunity to be the yoga sub for four classes at Alameda Athletic Club.
I taught a Thursday evening, a Sunday late morning, a Tuesday evening and another Thursday evening while the regular teacher was on vacation.
My first class I felt a little unprepared for things that were out of my control. But I reminded myself to breathe and it would be OK. I felt the class went well and the students were responsive.
Sunday late morning I had about 10 students. I had time to chat with a few of them before class and after class as well.
Two students who were there for my first class came back on Sunday. My Sunday students were very receptive and complimented me. Many told me that they really enjoyed the class. Some told me they planned to tell the front desk and general manager about me.
Someone else said I was one of the best teachers they have ever had. I’m flattered. They were impressed with my alignment explanations and taking the time to talk through the poses. And I credit a lot of that to the amazing teachers I study under and many of those same teachers were part of my yoga teacher training.
One woman complimented me on me mirroring them. That’s a tough thing for me to do as I have trouble with my left and right normally. So reversing it is even crazier for me. But something important my teachers impressed upon us in the teacher training.
I was much more relaxed teaching my Sunday class than the first Thursday class. Part of it was I just felt more comfortable. But I also wasn’t as rushed as there was 15 minutes between classes and it was not nearly as warm as the first night. I wrote about my first class here.
Tuesday night I felt even more comfortable and confident (even after the Zumba class ran 5 minutes over into my class time). One student was there three classes in a row and said, See you Thursday. Two students checked in with me after class. One had some constructive feedback along with compliments. Another student said, I really like your style. Where else do you teach?
On Thursday evening I had seven students. (From a friend and former teacher at that gym I understand 10 is a big class. And according to the general manager Thursdays are the smallest class as it is getting closer to the weekend.) All of my students had been to at least one of my previous classes. We tried some different things and they all seemed receptive to it.
Before class one of my students told me about her shoulder and she knew how to modify. At the last minute I decided to change my class up a bit as I had a lot of planks and Downward Facing Dogs, and I knew she likely couldn’t do them. After class I asked her how she felt and I told her I changed things up. I also thanked her for the challenge.
Many times a yoga teacher will have a class planned and you have to throw it out of the window for a variety of reasons. The basic rule is teach to the class that is there, which may not be the class you planned.
The last Thursday class I taught I let them know the regular teacher would be back for the next class. And that I would be back once she was on leave and I hoped to see them then. I received a positive response to the fact that I would be coming back. And the regular teacher e-mailed me saying she only heard good things about me.
Yea! Looking forward to teaching more classes in October. And once I am not working my regular job I plan to visit a few more gyms and talk to them about subbing. I am also working on getting a space for one-on-one privates.
Thanks for all support students, friends, teachers and family have given me on this adventure and quest.