ombase-class-coming-soonToday was my last Thursday teaching two classes. Two super fun classes. Two classes with amazing students.
About a month or so ago I gave notice for my Sunday classes. I realized I needed another day off. One day off a week (where I was still quite busy and sometimes subbing) was just not enough.
My students were so understanding and supportive. I wrote about it in a post.
And again, I feel (and know) that I have the best students in the world.
Today was bittersweet as I bid farewell to two of my classes. One a morning cycle class and a noon yoga class.
Starting next Thursday, Nov. 3, I will be teaching Thursdays at OmBase in Hillsdale. I feel so lucky to have found this space owned by two amazing people.
At the end of August I started subbing at OmBase. After just my second class the owners got some great feedback on me, my class and teaching. So much so that they offered me a class.
This is a great opportunity for me as a teacher. Something I can’t pass up.
I am so excited to be part of the OmBase family.
The space is cozy, welcoming, warm and beautiful.
Again my students were supportive and understanding. Many of my yoga students let me know they were thankful to have me as a teacher for the time they did.
I will miss them terribly. But our yogic paths may cross again at some point.
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