About a year now

So about a year ago I started working out (first in the gym at work).
For a month I walked about 3-4 times a week. Then in April I started the walk/run thing. My goal was to be able to run for 30 mins straight–because it is easy cardio and you can do it anywhere.
Well, I hate running. But I was determined. I think it was Day 3 that I hurt my knee and had to rehab myself. I decided then and there that I hated running and it really wasn’t for me, I mean, who was I kidding?
I started on the elliptical. Love that machine. Sometime in June I joined Mavericks, the gym I am still with. This is the longest I have continually worked out–a whole year.
Yes, I have joined gyms before. But usually working out was sporadic. I have had a few times in this past year where I didn’t work out for a week or two or three–usually when I have been sick. But for the most part I have been very vigilant. I am proud of myself.
Because I still really don’t like exercise. I like how I feel afterward. And exercise is just part of my life now–just something I do.
And I amaze myself every time I get up at 6:15 for the 7:15 morning yoga class. I do really enjoy yoga. My arms are getting slightly buff (well, buff for me).