Self-designed spin class

So the gym was open today, but all classes were canceled.spin
I arrived a little after 9 and decided to ride the bike instead of the elliptical. I put in my ear buds, cranked up the music and pretty much designed my own spin class.
I climbed a lot of hills, did some endurance, sprints and more hills.
My favorite work out song is Eye of the Tiger. It was a little hard to maintain a beat while I was on the bike. But I went for it. I did hill sprints to Like a Virgin.
After about 30-40 minutes on the bike I did about 15 minutes of core and some free weights.
Christmas Eve dinner is fairly healthy. Poff family tradition is to have shrimp on Christmas Eve. So Curt and I have carried on that tradition. We will also have biscuits and baked potatoes.
My family tradition is designed around Mexican food–not so healthy. Curt and I will have tamales for breakfast Christmas morning. Then I am planning on making cheese enchiladas, rice and beans for dinner.
Happy Holidays to all my readers!