Too much spin class?

Is that really possible? I think the answer to that is yes.
OK, this is coming from the girl who hates exercise, yet she has been doing it pretty consistently for the past three years.
Almost two years ago I started taking spin. And probably about a year ago I started taking the class more than once a week. I have taken up to five spin classes in one week.
Since my Monday/Wednesday yoga class was canceled a couple of months ago I have been trying to figure out a new workout sked.
I have decided that I no longer need to take the Wednesday evening spin class (for various reasons). And I need another day of weights.
My work building has a decent little gym. So today I went down there and did weights and stretching for about 50 minutes. There are a few weight machines and then the dumbbells. I also did squats and lunges, which I absolutely detest, but need the most. It was a good work out. And I plan to take a late lunch on Wednesdays and hit the mini gym.
And I can feel it … so that’s good.