Sore muscles

Hit the gym today for my regular two hours.
It was warm today so everything seemed a little harder. At least we had the tornado and other fans to keep it cooler in the spin room.
Jennifer has had us use the glider discs more in both abs/core and body conditioning classes. We did bicycles with the discs. Bicycles are tough for me. The discs made it easier–though you could still feel it in the abs. We did some other crazy ab things with the discs. I am sure I will feel it tomorrow.
The body conditioning class has really been stepping up lately. We do some circuit training, weights, lunges, squats, use the step, the body bar, gliding discs and much more. Jennifer packs a lot into that 30 minutes.
And I am almost always sore on Sundays, sometimes sore later in the day on Saturdays.
Oh, and me hitting the gym today ends my week with six stars on the calendar. Woot-woot!