Time at the gym … not happening

The past few weeks I have struggled to get to the gym–but I still managed to work out four times a week.
This week is looking like … 0.
I had every intention to go to yesterday’s noon spin class. Then an unexpected meeting came up. I have every intention of trying the noon Zumba class today (since I have/had a ton of stuff to do after work in anticipation of my grandpa and father’s visit starting tomorrow). Normally on Tuesdays I attend the evening spin class. Couldn’t make noon Zumba because I ended up having an extra meeting added to my agenda for the day for a total of SIX meetings today.
I was thinking I might go to the 6:15 a.m.–yes, I did say in the morning–body conditioning class tomorrow morning. But I am highly doubting that is really gonna happen.
My dad and grandpa arrive tomorrow. So no night Zumba class. My grandpa goes to bed fairly early and I want to see him as much as I can.
At least I did a fair amount of walking over the weekend. Curt and I were in Tacoma visiting my cousin and his family. We did a lot of walking around Seattle on Saturday and at the Tacoma Zoo on Sunday.