Spare exercise clothes save the day

I had planned to take the 4:15 shuttle home from work. That would get me into Emeryville about 5. I planned to run a few errands before the 6:30 Thursday night spin class.
Right before I left work I checked my personal e-mail and had a message from my friend Jenn who teaches the Thursday night class every other Thursday. She wanted me to know she wouldn’t be teaching tonight because of a cold. I am not a fan of the other Thursday night teacher. I was debating on what to do.
I remembered that I have spare exercise clothes at work just in case. And they came in handy. I did about 40 minutes on the elliptical and then 10 minutes of abs.
And the best part was when I got back to Emeryville I could just come home, shower, have dinner and (now) lounge about. My errands weren’t urgent–so I can take care of them another day.