Getting beach ready by tracking food

According to the espinner, I burned 696 calories during my workout today.

I have a little more than three weeks until Curt and I head to Barcelona for a a glorious week.
So that means I have a little more than three weeks to get back to my goal weight. I have 5 pounds to lose. I would love to also be toned as I will be frolicking on the beach. But that is just not realistic, especially since there are certain foods I am just not going to give up. (Not to mention how much harder I would have to work than I already do.)
Today marked Day 1 of trying to limit my calories and eat in moderation. I am back to tracking my food and really thinking about what I put in my mouth before I do.
So far Day 1 has gone well. I just have to keep this up about 25 more days or so.
I worked out in the work gym today on the espinner. I rode for 55 minutes, 18 miles and according to espinner I burned 696 calories. That seems like a lot. I know spinning burns an immense amount of calories, but I am not sure if I burned quite that many.
Here’s to 24 more days of eating decent and working out regularly and be beach ready! Because once I am in Barcelona I will be eating and drinking whatever I want and as much as I want. Barcelona, here I come!