Being lazy while roasting Brussels sprouts

My dinner tonight: Brussels sprouts roasted in the oven mixed with brown rice.

I decided to be “lazy” and not go to yoga tonight. I just wasn’t feeling it. I just feel tired. So I decided to just hang on the couch and watch some episodes of Parenthood and drink wine.
For dinner I made Brussels sprouts. I normally make them in the rice cooker/steamer. But I decided to try a recipe my cousin Alison posted on her blog. They came out pretty yummy. I still like my method of steaming them until they are squishy and I mix them with brown rice a little better. But roasting them in the oven was a great alternative. And the house didn’t get as stinky either.
I pretty much like all vegetables. There are very few I don’t like. And I love finding new and easy ways to cook them. I don’t enjoy cooking and I don’t have a lot of time for it. My time is pretty limited with my commute, work, hitting the gym or yoga studio and making sure I get a decent amount of sleep every night.