Taking care of me

Ahhhh. Feeling so relaxed after my massage.

I didn’t hit the gym today. I didn’t jump on the espinner. I didn’t walk to the yoga studio. Today after work I got an hour-long massage.
I have been going to the same massage therapist for at least a year, probably longer. She is amazing and makes me feel better and relaxed and at ease.
For me massages are relaxing, release toxins, make me feel better, make me feel calm, release tension, etc. And it feels good to get a massage.
I never take a shower immediately after a massage. And I will admit, sometimes I got to bed with the oils still on. I like the minty smell. It feels good and calming. Thanh, my massage therapist reminded me to not shower immediately. She told me to have dinner and shower about an hour after that.
EHow talks about the benefits of massage oils. Leaving the oils on your skin seems to have therapeutic effects. So the longer it is on your skin the more time your skin has to absorb the massage oil.
Last year I was in Honolulu for my birthday and had a massage at the resort where we were staying. Afterward they try to sell you stuff. I got talked into buying some instant refreshing gel. It’s the stuff that feels cool and then hot. It is actually pretty awesome. Thanh uses something similar on me on my neck, shoulders and upper back near the end of my massage. I use my stuff at home once in a while when my neck, shoulders or back are feeling tight or need some relief.
Oh, and I am making sure to drink lots of water after my massage. Once those toxins are released the body needs the water. Drink up!