Just breathe …

Ann on the spin bike while exhaling.

One of the many benefits of practicing yoga is learning so many new ways to breathe.
When I am aboard a plane and we are taking off I do what I call my yoga breathing, which makes me feel more relaxed and less nervous.
When I get stressed out or irritated or upset I try to remember to inhale and exhale slowly and calmly.
A co-worker and I attended a webinar today that taught us how to deal with chaos and stress and how to make things more positive and in control.
I was telling my co-worker about my breathing techniques and as soon as I did the training started talking about how breathing can help in stressful situations. (They even mentioned yoga.)
This link explains some of the breathing techniques we use in yoga practice. I probably find the Sukha Pranayama the most relaxing for me when trying to calm myself down.
I have exercise-induced asthma. I am working on making my lungs healthier. I am making them stronger with regular exercise. But my breathing and my breathing techniques are getting better with my regular exercise and breathing techniques I am learning in yoga.

Ann inhaling into her back.

I have recently learned to breathe into my back. I don’t know how to explain how I do it. I can just do it.
In yoga while in a pose, the instructor will ask us to breathe into a particular area. You learn how to breathe through a tight spot or ease yourself into a challenging pose.
Also sometimes while in a pose the instructor will place their hand on your back and ask you to breathe into their hand. I think that is what really got me to concentrate and learn to breathe into my back.
Even if you don’t take yoga or have no interest in reading up on the breathing techniques. If you notice yourself upset or emotional just stop and breathe. Just breathe evenly: 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out will make a huge difference. Try it. You will be surprised.