Deep Flow

Downward Facing Dog.

I had a training in the city today. I wasn’t sure what time I would be back in the East Bay. Though I knew I would be back in plenty of time for the 7:30 p.m. yoga class. I am not a huge fan of that class and I knew I might convince myself not to go.
I got home at 5:50. And the class I wanted to try to go to started at 6. Luckily I had my yoga clothes laying out. I quickly changed, powdered my nose and filled up my water bottle and out the door I went.
I got to the class about a minute before it started.
It is a new class in that time slot called Deep Flow.
We started off in savasana. OK, if we are starting off in corpse pose then it has to be a great class, right?
It was a pretty good class. We focused on shoulders. I would have liked a little more active flow.
For part of the class we kept a block between our thighs. It was a great way to focus your body on the strength of your legs. We did this in Downward Facing Dog, Plank, reverse table top, etc.
As we were in class and David was talking I kept thinking his voice sounded familiar. Then I realized he is the Wheel of Yoga guy.
At the end of class I asked him if he was now regularly teaching in that time slot. And then I mentioned that I knew him from Wheel of Yoga.