Curing the lazy with 'tuna casserole'

My dinner tonight: a very altered version of tuna casserole. Easy, healthy, delicious and filing.

Friday night Curt and I went out with friends and had drinks and then dinner. Many alcoholic beverages were consumed. Two of the friends we were hanging out with are my Saturday spin buddies. I teased them about making it to class on Saturday.
I didn’t sleep well and for about 20 minutes or so Saturday morning I debated on whether or not I should head to the gym. I was tired and dehydrated. I had some water and cereal and felt a little more normal. So I went.
That was a tough spin class. And I didn’t ride as hard as I normally do. But I did it. And I then I took the abs class and body conditioning. Lucky for me body conditioning was slower paced and focused on arms.
We went out last night as well. We headed to the city with friends for movie in the park and saw Top Gun. We had so much fun. Man, that movie is so cheesy. More beer was consumed and some delicious sandwiches.
I slept pretty well last night. I lounged around this morning before yoga class. Today was a weird weather day, cloudy and rainy. It wasn’t too cool though. I am not sure if I was worn out from my busy weekend and week. Or the weather or the combo of it all. But today I came home from class and felt so lazy for hours. I napped.
Finally I got up and showered. That seemed to make me feel a little better.
I figured having protein for dinner would be a good thing. I went online to look up tuna recipes. For some reason I had this idea that I needed to make a tuna casserole. I didn’t grow up eating tuna casseroles. I have never made one. And I may have never even eaten one. Apparently to make one you need cream of mushroom soup, which I don’t have.
I finally found a simple and easy recipe with ingredients I had. I altered it. I cooked a cup of whole wheat elbow macaroni. Once that was cooked and drained I mixed in a can of tuna with a little skim milk, low fat cheese, salt and pepper, Tapatio, onion powder and Kickin’ Chicken. I have to say it was pretty good.