Burning thighs … er … sore hips

That's a whole lotta lobstah! Oh yea! Part of our delicious lunch served at work today. This doesn't really have anything to do with my post. But who cares, right?

My work schedule has been a little weird this week.
I worked from home yesterday. And today we were allowed to leave work a little early after being treated to an amazing seafood lunch. (See lobster photo to the left.)
Yesterday morning I took a yoga class from the yoga studio, Namaste Yoga Studio in my neighborhood, where I regularly go about 3-4 times a week.
I took Naushon’s Power Vinyasa, which I have taken a few other times. But it is not a regular class for me, as her times don’t normally fit in my schedule. Talk about a sweaty class. I am talking … dripping sweat.
And it is slightly deceiving … we start in Child’s Pose. Well, believe me that doesn’t last long. Her class is very active and did I say sweaty? It’s an amazing practice and workout.
Because I was home about 3 today I was able to attend Sean’s Vinyasa class. He used to teach at my gym. And then I started attending a Sunday class at the studio, which he taught. He no longer teaches on Sundays, but was replaced by Ashley who is pretty awesome. Sean’s class is active and physically challenging.
Sean usually starts with us standing. So pretty much no misconceptions on what we are about to embark on. He has us do this breathing practice while in a squat and moving our arms. In the past I could never stay in the squat as long as he asked us. Today I did.
But man my thighs can still feel that work now, almost three hours later. And with a lot of squats and lunges you work those hips, too.