Embarking on a hectic December

Mama and Joey catch some zzzzs after passing out on the couch together.

Today was a hectic day, between work and taking the furbaby to the vet, talking to the vet, running to the store for Joey supplies, etc.
And I didn’t want to go to yoga. But I knew I would feel better after I did.
And I have to say I am glad I went. Though I did have a hard time focusing tonight in class. Balancing poses are always a challenge for me. But tonight even more so. But I didn’t get frustrated and just went with it.
For as long as I can remember I haven’t slept well. I usually have no problem falling asleep. But I wake up a lot. The past few weeks have been rough in the sleep department.¬†Joey has been keeping me up with cuddling, jumping on me to try to sleep close to me and jumping in and out of bed.
For me, December is a hectic month. Lots of projects and things to get done at work before the end of the year, especially since the offices close down for about 10 days for winter break.
There are lots of things going on personally: parties, things to get done around the house, Christmas items to get done.
This year we aren’t traveling for the holidays, so that eliminates a lot of stress.
For about the past month the furbaby has started having some serious health issues, which take a huge emotional toll on me. Between multiple visits to the vet, Joey not eating, then feeling better, then not being himself again, the worrying, the crying … all of this is taking a toll on me.
The only way I know how to handle all of this (besides the glass of wine I am having as I write this post) is to try to keep up with my routine of exercise. Unfortunately in December the exercise takes a dive and becomes a much lower priority for me as I am so busy. But I am going to do my best to make it a priority this month.