Stepping on the scale for National Weigh In Day

I participated in National Weigh In Day today. I didn't let the number on the scale discourage me. I now have a goal to work toward.

The other day I saw a commercial announcing that today was National Weigh In Day, which is sponsored by Special K.
In the commercial women were jumping on the scale and the results were things like pizazz, confidence, etc. The campaign asked: What will you gain when you lose?
I like the idea of a positive campaign when jumping on the scale and maybe seeing a number one is not super jazzed to see.
I jumped on the scale today.
It had been months since I had stepped on the scale. I didn’t want to know the number so I avoided a scale.
But  in order for me to get back to being healthy and cutting out calories (and a goal is to eat less sugar) I knew I needed to know what I needed to work on and see my actual weight.
I lost 30 pounds before. I know how to lose weight and I know how to maintain. And I don’t have 30 pounds to lose this time around.
I am still sick so this week I am just writing down my food–just to see what I am eating. But my goal is to eat healthier and try to eliminate candy and most crap this week.
If I am back to my regular health next week I will actually track my food (Points and calories) and keep a tally for myself.
If you missed National Weigh In Day I don’t see why you can’t weigh in Tuesday, Wednesday or later this week.
I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions–mostly because they don’t work. But think about committing to something to make yourself healthier. It can be small to start. Small goals are better than unrealistic huge ones.
Maybe drink one soda a day instead of three; or buy a bunch of fruit and veggies and snacks on those instead of chips and candy; if you smoke, commit to reducing your nicotine intake or try to quit (smoking is so dangerous and gross!); if you drink, maybe eliminate a few drinks a week or just have a few drinks on the weekends (which is my plan); drink more water; go walking a couple of days a week; try yoga or spin. (If you try spin make sure someone teaches you how to set up your bike correctly. And with yoga, don’t compete with anyone in the class, including yourself.)
The ideas are endless. Good luck to you. And let me know what is working for your or not.