And the latest Go Fit Girl! winner is …

… Alicia. Congrats, Alicia! And thanks for participating in last week’s Comment Contest Tuesday.
Last week I asked my readers: What do you do to take care of yourself and love yourself? (I also told my readers what I do to take care of myself and love myself.
Stephanie mentioned that she likes to take alone time; relaxing and taking time to read; home facial or mani/pedi; and, of course, reading Go Fit Girl! among other things.
Jen mentioned regularly exercising; spending time with the ones she loves, baking and cooking among other things.
Alicia mentioned that work is very stressful for her so she has to take time just for herself away from work; swapping out yogurt for breakfast; keeping fruit at her desk to not be lured by junk food among other things.
I regularly exercise; practice yoga at least three times a week; try to take Restorative yoga a couple of times a month (my studio only offers the class once a week);  try to limit alcohol intake; try to limit caloric intake; blog; watch movies and TV; knitting; (when Joey was still alive, cuddle time and curling up together under the blanket while lounging was so great); and I have to say this de-cluttering project I have taken on has been a great practice for me mentally and for our surroundings in our small California home. It makes me feel free, good and happy. It has been an amazing experience and journey.
Thanks, ladies, for all of your comments and for participating in Comment Contest Tuesday. I appreciate your support.