Using blocks to balance, enhance yoga poses

My usual props for my practice. Tonight we used two blocks, a strap and a blanket.

Tonight in Vickie’s Hatha yoga class we focused on using blocks for many of our poses.
I struggle with balancing poses. Standing on a block made it a little easier to focus my weight and core to keep myself upright or balanced.
We practiced Downward Facing Dog on blocks. First with the blocks under our hands and then with the blocks under our feet.
We also practiced Triangle Pose standing on a block with a transition to Half Moon Pose. (For these poses I can’t seem to find an example of someone also placing a block under their feet. But you get the idea.)
For me, Tree Pose was the most interesting on the block. Sometimes this pose is pretty steady and not so challenging. But most of the time I struggle to keep my balance and not teeter or fall out of the pose. (Sorry, no sample of that pose on the block.)
I love when we do a practice a little different or do the same practice with an adjustment.