Setting up spin bike

Follow directions in the text for set up of seat and handle bars.

A friend/co-worker told me the other day that she is about to take her first spin class.
I am excited for her to try the class.
I have been doing spin for about 3 12 years and it is still hard and kicks my ass. It is an amazing workout and a great way to burn calories.
I told her to not expect to be able to keep up with the whole class. And it will be hard!
We hope to visit the work gym so I can show her how to set up on an actual bike.
In the meantime here is what I advised below (which is what I have learned in beginner spin classes and spin teachers in the past):
For the seat height (red arrow): Stand next to it. The top of the seat should be about the level of your hip. When you sit on the bike  and your leg is fully extended it should have a slight bend.
For the proximity of the seat to the handle bars (blue arrow): You should have a slight bend in your arms.
For the height of the handle bars (purple arrow): This is totally your preference, whether you want to feel like you are on a bike cruiser or a road racing bike. As a beginner I would recommend now lower than 7. I usually ride at a 7 or 8.
I also reminded her to have a towel and water.