Eating out … a lot

My delicious dinner last night: halibut, quinoa and prosecco.

I had three lunch dates this week and one dinner date. That’s a lot of eating out for me, especially during the week.
On Tuesday I had lunch with my friend/co-worker Melissa. We had sushi. Delicious, filling and healthy. I love sushi.
Yesterday I had lunch with my friend/co-worker Stephanie. We had pho (pronounced fuh, rhymes with duh). I was pretty sure pho was fairly healthy. I did a little research.
According to the Livestrong website, pho is high in electrolytes. This site gives the nutritional information to many varieties of pho. So I have to kinda guess where my lunch fits in. I ordered a small bowl, which was anything but small. And I probably only ate half.
Curt and I went out to dinner last night.
(Sometimes Thursdays are my easy day to take off from exercise. But because I had lunch out and knew that we would be eating dinner out I had to jump on the spin bike at work and burn some calories.)
Curt and I had dinner at Sea Salt, one of our favorite restaurants in Berkeley. They have a quirky and delicious menu. I ordered the halibut and quinoa–a fairly healthy and filling choice. And it was delicious, too. I had two glasses of sparkling wine and no dessert.
I did glance at the dessert menu but decided to resist any temptation because I knew I would just feel guilty later on. And I am fine with having a second glass of wine as my dessert.

My lunch was so much food that I couldn't possibly finish my small bowl of pho.

Curt and I both worked from home today. We had lunch out at Ben & Nick’s.
(I am gonna have to take a break from restaurant food for at least the next week or so.)
For lunch I had a goat cheese and roasted red pepper sandwich. Oh man, it was so good. I ordered a side salad instead of fries, which came with my sandwich. I guess he forgot because I still got fries. Eh, no big deal. I just decided to not eat them. The sandwich was plenty of food and unhealthy enough on its own.
Sometimes I can be inventive when I order out. Other times I look at the menu ahead of time or do a little research so my ordering is much less daunting. Sometimes I just order whatever I want and don’t care if it is healthy or not.
It is possible to eat at a restaurant and still eat fairly healthy. Most of the time your server will accommodate any crazy order you may have: dressing on the side; don’t fry; no salt; salad instead of fries or chips …