Committed to eating healthy

I had zucchini "pasta" for lunch one day last week at work.

I am having a food intervention with myself.
I am coming along great with the exercise. I exercise 6-7 times a week and I vary it with yoga, spin, weights, abs and body conditioning.
When I was working on losing my 30 pounds about five years ago the first 20 pounds I lost without any exercise. I lost 20 pounds by portion control and making better food choices. The last 10 pounds lost was a combination of my “diet” and exercise.
Many things that I have learned over the years I continue to practice. Such as dressing on the side; Splenda instead of sugar; at least eight servings of water a day; fruits and vegetables make healthy and filling snacks …
I feel like I am not fully committed to my healthy lifestyle. I need to be fully committed, not partially committed. I know how to lose weight. I know how to maintain my weight. I know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is some will power involved. And I just don’t always practice will power.
Planning meals and regular grocery shopping are a big part of maintaining my healthy eating. I don’t enjoy cooking and wouldn’t say I am a great cook. If a recipe is simple and I know what all of the ingredients are I can make it.
I don’t enjoy cooking, but I sure do like eating. There are very few foods I don’t like or won’t try at least once. I refuse to try Spam, but  can you really blame me? (Spam is in our emergency kit. So if we ever endure a huge earthquake I may be eating Spam.)
One of my co-workers recently asked me what I eat, which is healthy and filling. Most of what I eat is not that exciting and fairly simple. As I said before I don’t enjoy cooking and my time is very limited in the evenings. So the less time I spend in the kitchen the better.
A lot of my dinners consists of some kind of vegetable and brown rice. I have a rice cooker, which I can also steam vegetables in.
My dinner vegetables of choice (especially for the steamer) are broccoli, Brussles sprouts and eggplant. I cut those veggies up and throw them into the steamer. I added seasonings and put over brown rice. I find these delicious and filling and, of course, healthy.
I also make what I call zucchini “pasta.” I take a vegetable peeler and slice the zucchini into long strips. I sauté the zucchini strips with garlic and other seasonings. I then put it over brown rice.
I do eat meat, but hardly ever cook it.
Sometimes I make a vegetable and shrimp stir fry, which you can get in the frozen section at Safeway. That also goes over brown rice.
I love spicy black bean burgers from Morningstar.  I boil some cauliflower and then smash it up to look like mashed potatoes and I pour some hot sauce on top and some crushed pepper.
Another easy dinner is frozen chicken breasts (individually packaged) thawed out and marinated for an hour in light Italian dressing. We have a George Foreman grill, which cooks the chicken quickly and thoroughly. (I get a little nervous when cooking meat, especially chicken.)
I use a lot of hot sauces (I have at least 5 kinds) and seasonings to make my meals much more tasty.
Anyone have any easy, healthy and filling dinners they want to share?