Just me, just you … trying to survive life

Go Fit Girl! was a sponsor at her 20-year high school reunion.

As I mentioned last week, I recently attended my 20-year high school reunion in my beautiful hometown.
As a Badger alumni I had the option to be a sponsor for the reunion. So Go Fit Girl! was a sponsor along with a few others.
With my sponsorship I received an acknowledgement on a banner, in the pamphlet in the goodie bag, my business card in the goodie bag and a mention at the dinner/dance that Saturday night.
There were four Badger business owners who sponsored and a few other local business who also sponsored.
During Pat’s shout out (she was the head of the Reunion Planning Committee) to those who sponsored the reunion she mentioned Go Fit Girl! and that everyone should read the blog for tips, like the one where  you can drink good beer and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.
My goal for myself is to maintain the healthiest and most realistic lifestyle I can for me. I believe in moderation. I like to eat and I like to drink. But I also want to be, look and feel healthy.
I am not a Denise Austin, Jillian Michaels or that P90X dude. I am Ann (aka Go Fit Girl!) Want to know more about Go Fit Girl!? Read about her right here.
I am a regular person who must cook for herself and motivate herself to hit the gym and yoga studio regularly. I have no personal trainer.
I am also pretty busy. So making time for exercise is a challenge but a priority.
As I stated early and in many previous posts, I love to eat and drink. And I never want to deny myself of that.
I have found that I can still eat and drink booze in moderation and lose weight or maintain weight.
But I can’t indulge every meal. So I make choices. I might know that I want a beer or a glass of wine  with dinner so I will forgo the cupcake  or skip the visit to the candy jar for a snack. (OK, who am I kidding? I likely will say no to the cupcake. I am not a huge cake fan. Now, if it is pie …)
Or if I know I will be pigging out on beer and macaroni and cheese over the weekend I will be careful with my caloric intake during the week.
Besides exercises almost every day my saving grace is vegetables, brown rice and protein. These keep me full and satisfied. I have basically eliminated booze Monday through Thursday (for the most part). As I type this I am drinking a beer, but it is my Birthday Eve …
Drinking lots of water is so good for you and me. It keeps your body cleansed and helps to keep you from getting hungry. Want to read a little more of the health benefits, you can read more here in this Livestrong article.
I am always looking for new ideas of making various meals, which taste good and are healthy while keeping me full and satisfied.
And in my research on food and exercise I share it with my readers.
If you have questions for me or want me to research something please let me know.
I hope GFG! is relatable to my readers. I know we don’t have everything in common. But life has struggles and throws us curve balls.
The goal of Go Fit Girl! is to help “regular and average people” maintain a healthy lifestyle in a manner that is actually possible. The goal is to be be healthy, happy and enjoy life.