A challenging Challenge

During the workshop today one of the poses we did was supported Child's Pose, which is my favorite restorative pose.

Supported Child’s Pose, which is my favorite restorative pose, is so relaxing and helps calm me. When this pose isn’t possible, like while at work, I concentrate on my breathing. Even breath in and out.

One of the challenges for January’s Monthly Challenge is to work on curbing unproductive complaining, to be more aware of what we are really complaining about. It is just bitching or is there some truth and necessity to it?
I will admit I am having a hard time with this challenge.
I have been super negative at work–some of it is just the regular crap. But some big changes are happening, which I have been trying to process and emotionally deal with.
I don’t do well with change or uncertainty.
I do believe everything happens for a reason. And usually the reason is not evident immediately.
I don’t like being so negative. It is such a waste of energy. I want to focus my energy on things that are important, things that need my attention and energy.
Earlier this week I took a break from Facebook, Go Fit Girl! blogging and research, Twitter, etc. I went to work and yoga and then spent my evening just vegging. I did that for two nights and it was a great relief. On Thursday evening I got a massage. Massages may seem like pampering. But I do believe they help with mental and physical health and is a necessity. I try to get one once a month.
My efforts to breathe and relax help with stress and negativity. I have also been making it a priority to make it to the Sunday night Restorative yoga class. Tonight’s attendance in class means I went every Sunday in January.
(My regular Restorative teacher was supposed to teach tonight–her last class before she went on maternity leave. But the 3-month sub was teaching tonight. So congrats to Megan on her baby girl!)