Review Wednesday holiday roundup

fuller brush

Fuller Brush’s Veggie Brush works so well and it only costs $7.99.

For at least the past five years (maybe a little longer) Curt and I along with our families have stopped giving each other Christmas presents.
We have decided we all have what we need. This helps to ease the stress of getting each other gifts.
So instead of giving to others we give to charity.
Curt and I still give each other small gifts, aka stocking stuffers.
Over the past two years GFG! has occasionally had Review Wednesday, where I review items for myself and my readers.
Many of the items I have reviewed would make great stocking stuffers.
I am going to do a quick review on the Fuller Brush, which would fit in a  stocking just great, before I summarize items in past Review Wednesdays.
A friend gave me Fuller Brush’s Veggie Brush as a gift. Let me just say this thing is amazing. It cleans carrots and potatoes strongly and quickly.
It’s amazing how much dirt comes running into the sink compared to other brushes I have used to scrub my root vegetables.
I got this as a gift but the cost is reasonable at $7.99.
This would be a great stocking stuffer and it is a great kitchen aid.

5 dumbbells

The Veggie Brush gets the highest rating of 5 dumbbells.

Keep reading a list of past Review Wednesday items with their dumbbells ratings as potential gifts and or stocking stuffers and a link to the original review and post.

There were a few items I have reviewed and I didn’t include in the gift/stocking stuffer gift list. I don’t know, maybe you do want to give someone dry shampoo (second review) or Certain Dri anti-persperient.
I hope this helps give you some fun ideas for gifts.
If you are stumped on a charity gift to give someone I highly recommend Charity Choice gift cards. You buy the gift card and recipient gets to pick up to three different charities to donate the money to. And they have more than 250 charities to chose from. So whatever their passion is, it should be on the list.
Happy shopping …