Being a yoga student


I call this Ultimate Savasana. I look pretty comfy and blissed out, eh? Thanks to Sefana and Rachel for making me feel this way while attending their yoga classes at Turtles this week.

Twice this week I headed to Turtles Yoga & Wellness and took yoga classes. I was a student and not the teacher.
I do truly love teaching.
And I have a regular home yoga practice.
But when you get to take a class and let someone else come up with a plan and you get to discover things in your body and learn new things it can be absolutely amazing.
I really tried to let myself go and just be.
Sometimes when I am in a yoga class I think about how I would have done it differently (or dare I say, better).
But this week I let all of that go and I really enjoyed being a student, while also picking up a few things I will use as a teacher in my classes.
I am hoping to take a class or two a week at Turtles regularly.
I took Sefana’s Slow Flow on Tuesday at 10 a.m. I liked the pace of the class. I worked but in a slow and mindful way. I felt so relaxed when class was over.
Last night I was able to take Rachel’s Restorative & Yoga Nidra class. I need more Restorative in my life. (We all do!) Rachel has a beautiful voice and got me totally blissed out. I felt so good. So good, in fact, I fell asleep.
If you are in the Portland area and haven’t checked Turtles out yet, what are you waiting for? Come visit this beautiful space and take a class with me or one of the many other amazing teachers.
Click here for the most updated and full Turtles class schedule. And you can click here for my full class schedule (both yoga and indoor cycling classes).