Spin vs. work

I started a project this afternoon and was on a roll. At about 5:10 I started the debate, stay and work or go to spin and sweat. Yea, not the best options to have to hash out.
I decided that the work would be there tomorrow. And I am really trying to achieve and maintain work/life balance. And taking care of myself is the life part.
At about 6:30 the fire alarm went off. It was ear-piercing and that damn flashing light. Argh! It wouldn’t stop. And John, the instructor, decided to stop class. We were right near one of the alarms and it was so freakin’ loud.
After class was over early I decided to grab my iPhone and listen to some music (loudly) while doing some weights, which Sarah, yoga instructor, recommended. I worked on lateral pulls and triceps.
So in the end it worked out. Because I got kinda annoyed that I had chosen to leave work early and go to class. HA! I say early–really I mean on time. So sad.