Spin class is a stress reliever

I am in major stress load. Between trying to get things done at work, not having a working computer at work (working on a loaner laptop–two days so far), trying to get things done around the house before we take off for Europe on Saturday and the fact that my boss has a new boss starting (we thought Monday), now tomorrow afternoon …
Spin was a really hard class. But I really tried to put my all in it. Even though I was thinking about all the stuff I had to do this evening, tomorrow, Saturday, etc. I had no where to go for an hour and focused on me and working hard.
I feel a little better. I am actually rather hungry and a little tired.
I have been trying to keep up with my workouts even though this week has been rather busy and stressful. Walk at Muir Woods on Monday, spin Tuesday (though that class I started to feel bad–like I was gonna throw up and pass out. weeeee, fun!), yoga Wednesday, spin tonight. I hope for one more yoga and one more spin class before I head out. But we’ll see.
Anyway, the Go Fit Girl! or Go Fit Boy! winner has been selected randomly from a hat. That will be announced tomorrow. So check back sometime tomorrow.