Impressing the doctor

I had my annual physical today. I have a great doctor. She takes that little bit of time with you–what maybe 10-15 minutes to talk to you and listen.
She was impressed that I have kept the weight off. It has been almost three years. She was impressed that I work out regularly (4-6 times a week–spin and yoga are the main focus). She emphasized how great both yoga and spin are for various reasons. (And my blood pressure was good, too.)
We talked about how to deal with work stress. She always has great advice–whether we talk about work, my plan to not have children, health, travel, etc. She is so non-judgemental and helpful.
I love my doctor’s office. All the women who work there are great and friendly and helpful and seem so happy to work there. I visit maybe three times a year and it is always a good experience.