Design your own spin class

Self-portrait while at the gym designing my own spin class.

Last month when I was in Phoenix visiting friends Erica and I were talking about spin. Erica loves spin. But her schedule has made it difficult for her to make classes.
I believe there is a gym at her work building. I suggested she design her own spin class, which I have done before. I just stick in my earbuds and shuffle my music. Almost every song on my song list seems appropriate for spinning. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Green Day, The Killers, Muse, music from a friend’s band, etc. The only song that I found (so far) that really doesn’t seem to work is Eye of the Tiger. I love that song for working out. But the beat is kinda odd for spin.
I have found that if the song has a good, strong beat you can spin to it–whether it is climbing, intervals, sprints, etc.
When Erica and I were having our conversation I remembered that the US Weekly (January 25, 2010 edition) I had just read had a list of Soulcycle’s Motivating Mix:
1. Learning to Fly Kate Earl
2. _Hard_ (featuring Young Jeezy) Rihanna
3. Satisfaction Benny Benassi Presents the Biz
4. Breathe Me (Mylo remix) Sia
5. Telephone (featuring Beyonce Knowles) Lady Gaga
6. Horseshoes and Handgrenades Green Day
7. Stunned Out (featuring Yung Joc) Paula DeAnda
8. Magnificent (Fred Falke full club mix) U2
I did at least a quick listen to each of these songs and they seem like good songs to spin to. What do you think? Any songs that you would suggest?