The body needs rest … especially mine

I came home tonight from work and the gym (Zumba) and I was just exhausted. I showered and got in my jammies.
I got on the couch and cuddled up with a blanket and started watching Three Sheets. Then Man vs. Food came on. Adam was eating some spicy stuff and I started to think I wanted to eat something. But I didn’t want anything too high in calories. So I went with zucchini “pasta” again for dinner. The Kickin’ Chicken gave it the spice I desired.
I thought about having a beer–mostly to make me more tired and the idea was (and is) to sleep better tonight. I didn’t sleep so great last night, mostly because I was working on a work project in my sleep. UGH!
But I decided against the beer and went with water. I am glad I made a better choice with my beverage. And I have to say I am getting sleepy because, well, I am tired. I was busy at work and had a headache most of the day. So my body is ready for some well-deserved rest.