Do I practice yoga or drink beer?

This isn't me tonight with a beer. But it is me with a beer in Barcelona in June.

It was a super tough day at work today. It was just one of those days.
Normally on Wednesdays I attend a Hatha yoga class with Baxter.
Before I left work today I decided that I was skipping yoga and was instead going to partake in some adult beverages.
I wouldn’t have made to to my class on time tonight as the commute back to the East Bay took longer than normal. And I knew I would be too tired for the later yoga class.
I wanted to hit McNally’s for a drink or two to relax, unwind and forget about my shitty day. But Curt wanted to watch a football (soccer) match on TV and I wasn’t in the mood to hit the bar alone. And Curt came home with beer. So I am watching Lifetime Movie Network and drinking beer.
I am no on my second-ish beer. I feel relaxed and good and not guilty at all. Sometimes you need those breaks from the gym, from the yoga studio, from life, whatever.
Lately I have been trying to NOT drink during the week. I don’t want it to be a crutch. I feel it is healthier to not drink during the week. The weekends are OK. But there are some days where I just need a drink or two or more after a not so awesome day.
I have a lot going on at work tomorrow. I am hoping my late afternoon meeting doesn’t run too late and I can still make it on time to my Thursday night spin class. That is the plan.