Eliminate holiday travel stress

It can be stressful to travel in general. But the stress intensifies around the holidays. Photo provided by: www.jennytalia.com/wp-content/uploads/stress-free- flight02.jpg

This time of year gets stressful. Many parties to attend. Travel to visit family or friends. Or family or friends travel to visit you. Shopping. Cooking. End of the year work projects to get complete.
Curt and I are eliminating a lot of this time of year stress. We are staying put for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.
If you are traveling this week (or at Christmastime) I have some suggestions and tips for you to make it all a little less stressful and hopefully smooth:

  • The two hours recommended to arrive at the airport for a flight, take that seriously. Even add extra time. You can always read, have a drink, knit or people watch while waiting for your flight. But being a little bored or having wait time is much more appealing than freaking out while standing in line with hundreds of other people while waiting to get through security.
  • Drink lots of water. This will keep you hydrated and from drinking too much alcohol and eating unnecessary junk food.
  • Try to get enough sleep the night before your flight.
  • Try to fit in exercise before you travel, during your visit (even if you just walk) and get back into your routine soon after you get home.
  • Make a list of the items that must be packed.
  • Make a list of all the things you HAVE to do before you jump on that plane.
  • Remember what the rules are about carry-ons. So many people try to bring too much on a flight, which can delay a flight or bonk someone on the head.
  • Don’t forget about the liquids rule–have your baggie ready when going through security.
  • Don’t hassle the TSA workers and try not to complain. No one wants to hear you.
  • Try some breathing techniques. Check out these suggestions.
  • Don’t overpack. You probably won’t wear all those shoes or pants, will you?
  • Think about staying home next year.

Curt and I decided to stay home this for the major holidays. We aren’t spending an arm and a leg for plane tickets. (We were in Missouri two weekends ago and had a mini Thanksgiving celebration with Curt’s parents, brother and our two nephews.) I love my family. But going home is always stressful: there is the cost of plane tickets, the actual travel, the divorced parents, many family members who think I want to drive all over town to visit them. (And I was there in September and I was home last Christmas.)
We are having friends over for Thanksgiving. We are making the foods we like. We will just hang out, have fun, watch football and be drama free.
Happy Thanksgiving! Take care of yourself. And don’t forget to breathe.