Exercise, vegetables and dancing … oh my!

Self-portrait of me dancing at the annual party on Friday night. It is kinda cool and creepy.

Sorry for the slacking in blogging. But rest assured I have not been slacking in the exercise or the caloric intake department.
Let’s see. What have I been up to since I last blogged on Tuesday …
On Wednesday I walked with some co-workers/friends. It was a small group, but we were/are fierce. The walk started off rather cool. But eventually we were warmed up and feeling good. We walked for an hour. And we were faster than last week. In our first 30 minutes we got farther than we did the week before. I kinda dreaded the hour walk. But once we got going I felt great! Wednesday night I went to Baxter’s Hatha yoga class, which was packed.
Thursday my friend/co-worker and I went out to lunch. We had Chinese food. I had a cup of hot and sour soup and steamed veggies over brown rice. I really wanted kung pao chicken, but I refrained. Thursday afternoon I hit the gym at work. I decided to not spin as the seat is jacked up. (The repair guy is coming tomorrow.) So I walked for about 20 minutes on the treadmill and then did weights and abs for about an hour. It is amazing how weights can quickly become cardio.
Friday I worked from home. It was a short day as our annual party was that night. There is a new lunchtime flow class at the yoga studio, which is only an hour (almost all of the classes are an hour and a half). That evening was the party. My dinner was fairly healthy. I didn’t have any dessert. And I had about three glasses of wine. And I danced my booty off!

I bought ingredients today for the first four days of my super cleanse, which will start later this week.

Yesterday I skipped any workout. Curt and I stayed the night in the city and we got home a little after 11. Too late for any classes at the gym or yoga studio. But I figured with my hours of dancing the night before I was OK to skip. Plus I wanted to attack my closet. I spent more than four hours de-cluttering and rearranging and organizing my closet. I also was able to attack another part of the bedroom. (I still have the dresser and under the bed–though there isn’t much under the bed.)
This morning I have done the grocery shopping, including getting items to start my 7-day super cleanse later this week. I made some carrot and tomato soup to eat during the week. And I will be heading to my Vinyasa yoga class in a little less than an hour. Oh, and I am getting some blogging in.