Riding 100 miles and then some

As I input my 22 miles I rode on the spin bike today I was congratulated on achieving my Century Mile goal.

My company recently launched a wellness program. We first started with biometric testing.
Our results were input into a web portal.
After that there was a wellness assessment in which I answered questions about my mental and physical health, fitness and exercise, work and personal situations, etc. From there my strengths were identified and areas I could work on–such as getting consistent sleep.
I can set up goals and challenges. One of the challenges I am participating in is to have 64 ounces of water for at least five days in a week. I am pretty good with my water intake. But Fridays and Sundays are challenging for me. Now with an incentive I am more proactive on those days as well.

As you can see Go Fit Girl! is No. 1 in the Century Mile leaderboard. But it won't last long. As the person in the No. 2 spot rides to work regularly, which is 22 miles roundtrip.

And while doing this points are rewarded, levels achieved and prizes awarded.
One of the challenges is the Century Mile. At first I didn’t sign up for it because I thought it was about running. And I don’t run.
Then I realized you could bike, hike, walk, run (probably even Zumba) your way to 100 miles. The challenge started in mid-March and ends mid-May. The challenge spelled out:¬†Track 100 miles of exercise–walk, run, bike, hike, dance, or whatever your movement of choice– and be rewarded with¬†200 points.
Well, today I hit my 100 miles, plus 12.
I am not normally a competitive person. (Well, except for when playing Taboo.)
But these challenges have definitely made me competitive. I like when my name shows up on the top of the leaderboard, whether it’s for the Century Mile of the Breakfast challenge or whatever it may be.
I have decided that since I hit my 100 miles within two weeks of taking on the challenge I am going to challenge myself to hit 500 miles total by mid-May. I spin three or four times a week (at the minimum twice a week) and I ride 15-20 miles each time.
At the most 5 miles of my total is from walking. So I may try to get a little more walking in as well over the next six weeks.
Because of this challenge I may push myself a little more. Today I rode 22 miles, which was a little farther than I normally go. And I can feel it. I am super tired this evening (hoping for some awesome sleep tonight) and my thighs are sore.