Dealing with expected/unexpected challenges

My Swiss co-workers/friends dressed up as actual Christmas trees. One of the legal VPs dressed as Santa. And I decorated my sweater into a tree. I’ve got the lights, “paper” chains, ornaments, tree skirt with presents and even a star on top of my tree.

On Saturday I wrote about how I had an upcoming challenging week: dinners, lunches, possible lack of exercise.
Sometimes we can plan for our challenges other times they are a surprise. I try to take them all in stride and accept that sometimes you fall off the wagon. At some point you get back on and as long as you do all is good.
Well, I had an unexpected additional challenge hit me this week.
I was hit by what I am calling a mini-cold. Luckily I didn’t get bogged down by a major cold. But I have had the congestion, I feel tired and my eyes hurt a little. I had a headache one day.
I feel lucky because many  I know have gotten hit pretty bad. But my mini-cold was annoying enough to interfere in my life somewhat.
I did attend the Monday night work holiday dinner and Tuesday’s White Elephant/Ugly Sweater Contest lunch. (My ugly sweater tied with the trees and I was awarded with a fruit cake, which I gave away immediately.)

Around the holidays vendors send us wine and gift baskets at work. The items were raffled off today while I was working from home. I won the grand price of a huge Harry & David gift basket. You can see some of my co-workers pretending like they are stealing my gift! I will be sharing on Monday.

I had planned to go out on Thursday to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday. But by the time Thursday hit I was pretty tired and knew I should stay home and take care of myself. So I did.
I have attended two yoga classes this week: my regular Hatha classes on Tuesday on Wednesday. Those classes are a little more mellow and easier to slow down if need be.
I have skipped aggressive yoga classes and cardio gym classes this week.
I don’t normally like to exercise when I am sick. I feel like I need to save my energy to get better. But I felt more mellow yoga would be OK and I avoided anything cardio/aggressive.
I do plan to hit spin tomorrow morning. But I will likely not ride as hard as I normally do.
And if all goes well I will hit my regular yoga class on Sunday. And then I get a treat and am attending (along with a friend) a Restorative Yoga workshop with Vickie.
My caloric intake has been a little crazy this week. But with the various meals out of my control I just decided what the hell.
But like always I will eventually get my healthy living back on track … just in time to go nuts again for Tucson and San Diego at Christmas.