Yoga pose: Extended Triangle Pose


I am posing in Extended Triangle Pose.

I practice yoga regularly–about three times a week. Sometimes more.
Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose) is a regular pose in my regular practice in both Hatha and Vinyasa classes.
Every yoga pose has an anatomical focus, therapeutic application and many benefits. On the Yoga Journal website many poses are broken down step by step on how to get into the pose, including Triangle Pose.
The site also includes contraindications and cautions; beginner’s tip; variations; modifications and props; partnering; preparatory poses; follow-up poses; and how to deepen the pose.
According to the YJ site, the anatomical focus is the thighs. (Great for part of this month’s Monthly Challenge.)

triangle with block

In this photo I am supporting my hand on a block while in Extended Triangle Pose.

The therapeutic application is for stress. (Sounds like I should be practicing that pose more often.)
The benefits of this pose are great and endless. When I read a list like this I am reminded again that yoga is incredible and powerful and adds so much more to my life than just exercise.
The YJ list of benefits on Extended Triangle Pose are: stretches and strengthens the thighs, knees, and ankles; stretches the hips, groins, hamstrings, and calves; shoulders, chest, and spine; and Stimulates the abdominal organs; helps relieve stress; and Improves digestion; helps relieve the symptoms of menopause; relieves backache, especially through second trimester of pregnancy; and therapeutic for anxiety, flat feet, infertility, neck pain, osteoporosis, and sciatica.
Listed under modifications and props on the website: If it isn’t possible to comfortably touch the floor with the bottom hand or fingertips, support the palm on a block.
If you notice the photo on the right, I am much more rotated and open while using a prop, a yoga block. Props are an amazing way to help someone in a pose or to help you get much deeper into a pose.