Listening to me


This evening I needed a home yoga practice for low back pain. Now I am catching up on my shows while enjoying a beer and microwave popcorn.

What do I need?
What do you need?
I have been really trying to listen to myself lately.
Work has been extremely demanding and busy and overwhelming and stressful as we continue to go through transition. More than usual I feel tired, exhausted and wiped out.
I have really been trying to take the queues my body gives me whether physically, mentally, physiologically, emotionally.
Last weekend we had anĀ Intensive Weekend at teacher training, which was absolutely amazing and I learned so much. But it also took a lot out of me.
I had a lot of things I wanted to do on Sunday. They were to attend Vickie’s morning yoga class; attend an optional hour discussion on meditation before our required three hours of teacher training; the three hours of class; and Sunday night Restorative yoga class.
I knew that was all too much for me and something had to give. I decided to skip Vickie’s class and did my own home practice. This also gave me my whole morning to lounge, enjoy my coffee and do a little homework.
I knew my body needed and would benefit more from a Restorative class than an asana class.
I took Monday off to take care of me: sleep in; get a massage; run a few errands; get a few things done around the house …
Lately I have been taking each day one day at a time. What do I absolutely have to do and what do I need? Do I need to sleep in? Do I need to curl up on the couch and watch a movie? Do I need to get some homework done? Do I need to do a Restorative home practice instead of an asana practice? Do I need to skip a public class tonight? Do I need a glass of wine or beer even though it is Tuesday (and I try to only drink on the weekends)? Do I actually have to work late to get a project or assignment done? Do I need junk food? Do I need to do absolutely nothing? Do I need …
One of my friends in teacher training and I were chatting the other day and reminding each other and ourselves to listen to our bodies. She said, just because I can do something doesn’t mean I have to do it.