Vegas workouts

Over my Vegas weekend I hit the hotel gym twice. That is pretty good.
Most vacations I pack my workout clothes and they never leave the suitcase.
I seriously think having a workout partner, Jen, made all the difference. So, Jen, I think you must go on all vacations with me. 🙂
Day 1 was crazy elliptical and abs. Day 2 was treadmill and free weights.
I didn’t pack tennis shoes this time around. Usually I do and it is a waste of space as they don’t come out along with my workout clothes. I wore my Skechers while working out. They were OK for my two workouts. I wouldn’t suggest it if someone were working out more than a few times.
Coming home from my fun and high calorie intake weekend brings me back to more reasonable meals and things I drink. For dinner tonight I had brown rice and steamed Brussels sprouts with water.
I plan to hit my regular spin class tomorrow night after work.